October 21 – Transfigured For Me

Matthew 17; Mark 9; Luke 9:28-62

I was sitting here thinking about the Transfiguration, about Moses and Elijah coming from heaven to talk to Jesus about what was in store for Him in Jerusalem, and I had some questions. Jesus hardly needed a pep talk from two dead guys. Why this big production? Is there an application for today?

Then, as He often does, God gave me a nudge: Matthew Henry.

The Bible scholar suggests that this encounter with two of the most important Old Testament stars, wasn’t for Jesus’ benefit. God did this for the men closest to His Son, to reinforce the truth that Jesus is who He says He is, to strengthen their belief, because things were going to get pretty tough for them in just a few days.

God did this for me, too. When I read this account in the Gospels, I am encouraged that the One I serve is all-powerful. God Himself proclaimed once again that Jesus is His Son. Jesus is the one who died for me. I can trust Him. There is nothing that He cannot do.


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