October 8 – Is Jesus God?

John 5


I know some can read these verses in John and twist the words to say Jesus never really identifies Himself as God. But Jesus calls Himself God’s Son, One who gives life like the Father gives life. One who judges, is sent by God, and who affords equal honor with God.

Then He told the Jews, who were well aware of Scripture, the law of Moses, that He was the One Moses spoke about. Jesus said they searched the Scriptures because they thought eternal life was in the Scriptures. Jesus told them those Scriptures testify about Him.

Jesus was not just another good guy. He was the physical Son of God, equal to God, eternal, and worthy of honor and glory.


We can’t get on our island yet after Matthew’s visit. So I don’t know the extent of damage. Early  news is encouraging. But whether little or great, I will praise God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who does all things well.

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