October 7 – And They Were Following Him

Mark 2

We might think that because Jesus called twelve men to follow Him that is all there was. Yes, there were twelve whose names we know, and who Jesus entrusted with the intimate details of His ministry. But there are many who followed Jesus. Mark gives us a glimpse of that in 2:15.

We know Matthew, that tax collector and disciple of Jesus. But Mark tells us Matthew wasn’t the only tax collector who was changed because of Jesus.

Sometimes, too, I think we get the idea that people like Billy Graham, or Beth Moore, or Bill Gaither have more important ministries than ours because everyone knows their name. That’s just not true.

A follower of Jesus doesn’t have to stand behind a pulpit. He can sit in the bleachers at a ball game. Or across the table at a coffee shop. Or over the backyard fence. Following Jesus isn’t about getting recognition, or limited to those who do. It’s about my obedience, and your’s. It’s about sharing the Gospel, a willingness to let Jesus be seen in us, even if no one else knows our name.


So I’ve shared that I recently bought a house on an island in Georgia. Hurricane Matthew is headed straight to St. Simons and that entire area. God is faithful, and even though we have all been evacuated and are waiting for the storm to blow through, watching the weather channel and praying, I know that it all belongs to God anyway. My prayer is that the people will be safe, including those brave first responders who will do what they can to protect and care for those who are effected. I thank Him that the storm seems to be staying off shore and seems to be weakening. Would you pray with us? As always, may God be glorified even in this.

5 thoughts on “October 7 – And They Were Following Him

    1. cazehner Post author

      I am so blessed, Renee. My house had no damage. A big tree fell from my neighbor’s but none of our houses in it’s path were touched. God laid it down in the exact place it needed to be. Thanks for asking.

  1. reneebeamer

    Only the records in heaven will tell of our influence for God’s kingdom! Good reminder to keep eyes focused on Jesus and follow through on the Spirit’s leading us in everyday situations. My life verse, “…. Your Name and renown are the desire of our hearts” (Isa. 26:8). Yes, praying with you concerning those in the aftermath of Matthew’s path of destruction.

    1. cazehner Post author

      I love your life verse, and I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed it before. May it be true in me in every situation. May God be praised in this storm of my life. God bless you dear one, and may He continue to make you a blessing to others.


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