September 22 – The Burden

Zechariah 8-14

I’m not sure I ever knew the word “oracle” could be translated as “burden.” The NASB says, “The burden of the word of the Lord is against the land of Harach…” (9:1) and “The burden of the word of the Lord concerning Israel.” (12:1)

I’m asking myself today how it is I view this Bible I hold in my hand. I would use words like precious, encouraging, convicting, saving, hope, the Gospel, love, direction, peace. I don’t think I’d ever think to use the word, “burden.”

But I should.

The weight of the Truth written in these pages should lay heavy on my shoulders. Because having this Word, recognizing the seriousness of its content, should drive me to my knees on behalf of my friends and loved ones who don’t know the Author.

I know, because of God’s Word, what their eternity without Him is going to be. That in itself should be a burden too great to bear without sharing what I know with them. Having God’s Word is not just a blessing… it’s a responsibility that should burden us until we share the Good News written inside.

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