June 30 -Sympathy and Death

I Kings 20-21

Sometimes I think we Christians are too soft, too trusting, too passive, afraid to “judge”, and are satisfied to sit back and let “God’s will” be done.

God told Ahab to destroy the Arameans, and God would give him the victory. But when some of the enemy put on their sad faces and pulled the “we’re family” card, Ahab let them go, including King Ben-hadad. God told Ahab his disobedience would cost him his life.

God has plainly told His children to get rid of ALL sin in our lives. Poke out your eye if your eye causes you to sin. Be holy. Flee youthful lusts. Resist the devil. Walk in the light.

It’s when we begin to look at sin with a sympathetic eye like Ahab looked at Ben-hadad dressed in sackcloth, that we disobey.

Friends, do you understand we are at war? We’re at war with Satan within our own hearts. Forget what sins your neighbor has committed. What sins have you let exist in your own life? Then, when you have addressed the sin in you, take up the sword and shield and get off your couch.

Get out there and fight this enemy in your neighbor’s home by introducing your neighbor to Jesus.

Once again I’m reminding us all that tolerating sin, ignoring sin, adopting the live-and-let-live philosophy of life, or thinking if God wants that neighbor saved, he’ll get saved theology is disobedience.

Let me help you with that. God died for that neighbor so, yes, His will is that neighbor be saved. And God is depending on you to be obedient to His leading.

Remember that letting sin go, is a death sentence. Read it for yourself in Ahab’s story.

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