July 3 – It’s War!

Obadiah, Psalms 82-83


In these days of war, and terrorism, and hate, let me remind us that these things have been happening almost since time began. We read the Old Testament and hear God’s people pray for the deaths of their enemies. We see how God commanded His people to destroy men, women, and children, in an effort to purify the land. It’s horrible.

But Jesus’ presence on this earth turned a page. He made it plain that our enemy is no longer flesh and blood. It’s Satan. It’s sin. It’s spiritual. God is as passionate about purifying the land. But He loved the world, every nation and tongue, enough to send His Son to die so that whoever believes in Jesus will be saved. The land will be purified when people come to accept this Truth.

I don’t for a minute mean to say we should ignore the physical danger we are in because of ISIS, or Muslims, or the danger we have of losing our rights through political correctness and blatant immorality. There are people who simply hate Christians. They hated Jesus, too.

Yes we are at war. But I don’t believe hating people or wanting them dead is what God intends for His people. I’m all for defending ourselves with force and am thankful for and support our military. But we will win this spiritual war when hearts are changed and souls are saved through the precious blood of Jesus.

Are you battle-ready?

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