May 24 – Steadfast Hearts of Praise

Psalm 108-110

The friend I asked you to pray for a while back found out the cancer has spread to her lungs. She sings praises to God on her way to radiation treatments.

A 17 year old girl, who has been living with chronic pain, just had her gall bladder removed in hopes it will alleviate her pain. She faces each day with a smile on her face and praises God for His faithfulness.

A grandpa has suffered a series of stokes, yet he and his wife continue to praise God, and celebrate every hint of recovery. They trust God with this man’s life.

The psalmist says, “My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing praises, even with my soul.” (108:1)

What does it mean to have a steadfast heart toward God? To me it means praising God regardless of circumstances. It means more than giving lip-service praise, but praise from deep within my soul without a thought other than God alone.

God is worthy of our praise no matter what we are experiencing at the moment, just for the reality of Who He is. I want to praise Him with a steadfast heart.

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