A Deadly Price-Tag

God expresses his anger toward a disobedient people in the book of Nahum. He says things like: I am your enemy; and, I will not allow the guilty to go unpunished. He reminds them their riches, which are many, and gained dishonestly, will not save them from God’s wrath, from the consequences of their sin.

Nahum reminds us God is very serious about sin. He never excuses sin, or rationalizes it, or overlooks it. Every sin comes with a deadly consequence, whether it’s an angry two-year-old who pushes her brother off a chair, or a man addicted to porn who kidnaps, tortures, and rapes young women, like the man captured in Cleveland last year.

God says often in his Word that he will not let the guilty go unpunished. Then he turns around and says ALL have sinned. We are all guilty. We all face the consequences for every sin we’ve committed.

I am a Christian. But that doesn’t mean my sins, although forgiven, don’t come with a deadly price tag. My sins require death just like the sins of Ariel Castro (that monster from Cleveland). Every one of my sins come with a death sentence.

But when I accepted Jesus as my Savior, he took my sins and placed them on his own shoulders. He paid the painful consequences for me, he did not sweep them under a rug.

Hear me when I say, those who have not experienced Jesus’ grace will pay for their own sins. Every one of their own sins. The wages of sin is death, either Jesus’ death on the cross, or yours… for eternity.

God, may we all view sin from your perspective. Drive us to our knees, Lord, when we are faced with our own sin, our guilt and shame. Thank you for Jesus, for the cross, for your grace that is offered to anyone who comes to you with repentant hearts. I pray that everyone who reads this blog today will humble themselves and accept what you offer, and that is to pay for our sins yourself. The thought of anyone paying the ultimate price for their own sins frightens me. I pray that it will frighten all of us.

4 thoughts on “A Deadly Price-Tag

  1. Kathy Vrooman

    Romans 3:23,6:23,5:8,and 10:8-10. Accepting the gift of eternal life is as close as our mouth and our heart. Believe with your heart that Jesus died for your sin, and confess with your mouth that he is Lord of your life. And you will be saved.

  2. vonhonnauldt

    May I suggest that your sins were on His shoulders on the Cross, long before you committed them.
    If you want to know the seriousness of sin, just look at the One Who had to pay for it. You and I could never pay for even one sin, let alone the thousands of which we are guilty.

    1. cazehner Post author

      I know what you say is true. Jesus took on himself the sins of all of us that day on the cross. So long before I ever committed one, forgiveness was there for the taking. However, those who don’t accept his gift of grace will face him on judgment day with their sins on their own shoulders. They will have eternity to pay for each one. So tragic in light of Jesus’ work on the cross and the forgiveness he offers to all who will come to him.


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