Numbers 16:48 hit me today. A plague was destroying the Israelites. Aaron ran out and stood among them to purify them so they would be saved. “He stood between the dead and the living.”

That strikes me as a role we Christians should be playing in 2014. Rather, it’s a role we are playing. It’s a position God has placed us in by virtue of our relationship with him. What are we doing about it? And do we understand the implications?

I am standing between the dead and the living. I have the responsibility to reach out and bring those who are headed for that horrible eternal death into the life offered by God through his Son. I picture a hoard of people running toward a cliff that only I can see. Am I going to just stand there? Or am I going to shout a warning? Point to solid ground? Stand in the way to stop them from falling? If I don’t, they will go to hell.

There is a rampant plague in our world today. And we Christians stand between the dead and the living. God has placed us there because he is not willing that any should perish.

I pray that we will stand our ground, that we will reach out to the lost, that we will be effective as we lead people to the cross. God wants us to defeat this plague and, in Him, we can do it! Let’s join hands with other Christians and form a barrier between the dead and the living in order to save those who are dying without Christ. Let’s pray, and go, and encourage one another to stand for the Truth of Scripture and against Satan’s lies.

If we don’t, we’ll have failed our mission. We’ll have failed our Savior.


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