Do I Have To?

We don’t have to obey the Lord. Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean God took away our ability to choose. We are not mindless robots.

In Numbers 14 God told the Israelites to go into Canaan. They said, “No”. So God told them to go into the wilderness and they decided to go into Canaan. God warned them of the consequences, but they went ahead and the result ended in their being soundly defeated.

We don’t have to obey. But there are consequences if we don’t. That’s why it’s so important for God’s people to be in the Word, to study it, meditate on it, pray over it, and allow God to reveal himself through those precious pages.

Everything we need to know for life, for love and happiness, for forgiveness and for our daily walk has been lovingly breathed into Scripture by God himself. The rules for living are there. The consequences of disobedience are listed in black and white.

We can choose to live by God’s Word – or not. There are blessings beyond imagination for those who choose obedience. There are devastating consequences for those who choose to ignore God’s Word, for those who disobey.

We don’t have to obey the Lord. But my prayer is that everyone who reads this blog will want to.

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