April 30

Psalms 24, 65, 68, 110, 19, 2 Samuel 8:1, 21:15-18, I Chronicles 18:1, 20:4

I remember memorizing Psalm 19 when I was a kid. I’d have to study it some to get through it without looking. But often these words come back to me even today.

Nature declares the glory of God and the work of his hand. It’s foolishness to look at our world and deny it’s Creator.

David also writes about what Scripture means to him. Scripture is sure, lovely, precious and sweeter than honey. I so agree with David about that.

Then in verse 12 he confesses sin and asks God to keep him from willfully sinning.

Verse 14 has become my life verse recently. Has a verse ever stuck with you and seem to direct your life for a time? I Corinthians 10:13, Proverbs 3:5, Job 23:10 have been some of mine over the years. I find as I grow and change, God seems to bring the perfect Scripture to mind and use it to mold me into the woman he intends for me to be.

Lately God seems to be focusing on my heart’s attitude and my witness… the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart.

So I will keep this verse before me until he nudges me toward another. Until then, my prayer will be that those things in my life will be pleasing to my Rock, my Redeemer.

Father God, thank you for your Word. With David I praise you for the sure, lovely, precious and sweet Scripture that you so lovingly breathed into the ears of your servants so many years ago. Thank you that, even though those words have been around for centuries, they are alive and active  today. May we be sensitive to what you would have us learn as we open these precious pages each day.

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