March 12

Numbers 34-36

The Old Testament doesn’t really say anything about rehabilitating criminals, does it? Their laws were pretty black and white. If you murder someone you die.

I don’t want to get into a debate about capital punishment and I praise God for men and women who have found the Savior while paying a debt to society. But once again I am reminded that God cannot tolerate sin. He cannot let the guilty go unpunished and the wages of sin is death.

When a person gives his or her life to the Lord that person is justified by faith. I have heard it explained that means God looks on him, “just as if I’d never sinned”. In a sense that is true. When we become Christians our Holy God looks on us as clean, spotless, even holy. But make no mistake about it. That position comes at quite a cost.

It’s not as if I’ve never sinned. Its that every sin I’ve ever committed nailed Jesus to the cross. He didn’t just tear up the bill and forgive the debt. He paid the debt of my sin in full with his own precious blood.

As we come into the Easter season I am reminded how much Jesus loves me and what my sins cost him. How can I help but love him when he loved me so?

Dear God, once again I thank you for your Word. Thank you for reminding us how serious you are about sin and what our sin cost Jesus. Thank you for the cross. Thank you for forgiveness. And thank you for such an amazing love.

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