March 11

Numbers 32&33

The Israelites sure moved a lot during their trip from Egypt to Canaan. I counted 43 times they relocated during their forty years in the desert.

In the 37 years I was a public school teacher I moved eight times which seems like a lot. My parents owned their home for sixty years!

So as many times as the Jews packed up and moved, I can imagine they were ready for four walls and a permanent address. When they finally arrived at the Jordan and looked at the beautiful land of Canaan I can understand why some said they’d rather end their journey on the plains of Moab. Cities were already built there and the land was fertile enough. Occupying Canaan looked like more struggle and more time before they could rest.

The truth is, the deeper life does take time and it is a struggle. God doesn’t make his people live there. You can be a Christian and live on the other side of Jordan.

But God can’t bless you there like he can in Canaan.

The walk with Him is sweeter, the joy and peace more amazing. It’s not a life without struggle and there may be barbs in our eyes and thorns in our side until we get rid of those things which dishonor God. But God promises that it’s worth it.

Father, may your people be drawn to Canaan. May we spend time in your Word, go about our day in an attitude of prayer, be sensitive to your voice. May we be aware that you are walking right there beside us and helping us to defeat our enemies so that we can enjoy the blessing that comes from that deeper relationship with you.

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