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Judges 13-16; Samson and Strength

Samson’s story is very familiar with those of us privileged to be raised going to Sunday School. Well, at least the major points of his story. There is a very dark side to this Israeli hero we don’t talk about as children.

As I read these chapters today, I asked God to reveal the main thing we can learn from Samson’s life, because there are many lessons woven throughout these chapters. The word, “strength” kept coming to mind as I read. But that’s so obvious, I thought. Then as though God Himself spoke the words, I thought “isn’t that what you asked?”

Samson’s story is about strength. Shocking.

As I consider Samson’s strength I am convinced that his hair had nothing to do with it. His hair was an outward indication of his obedience to God. When he allowed Delilah to cut it, he blatantly turned his back on God. Then his strength left him, because then God left him.

My strength to face this day comes from the assurance God is with me.

The Lord IS my strength. (Ps 28:7)

(God) IS their strength in time of trouble. (Ps 37:39)

The Lord IS the strength of my life. (Ps 27:1)

What I take away from Samson’s story today is that I can trust God when I am weak, because He IS strong. No positive thoughts, or manta, or lucky beads can compare with the One who IS strength.

I want to walk with Him in obedience today, and know the safety and strength that is mine through Him.


April 20 – Ain’t No Mountain

Psalms 121, 123-125, 128-130

Several of these psalms speak about mountains. For one thing, a mountain isn’t going anywhere. During the days these psalms were written, living close to a mountain provided protection from invading enemies. And if you lived surrounded by mountains you were extra safe.

Very often in Scripture mountains are used to represent problems, something to be conquered, or to get over. These psalms had me looking at mountains today in a different light.

God is asking me today where I go for protection from my enemy Satan. Do I turn on Dr. Phil, read a self-help book, talk to a friend, take a pill or have a drink? How is that working for me?

Psalm 121 reminds me God made heaven and earth, that He won’t let my foot slip, that He’ll protect me and keep my soul. Psalm 124: “Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 125 tells me if I trust in the Lord I can be as immovable¬†as Mt. Zion. It also says God surrounds me like the mountains around Jerusalem.

Today, I want to seek shelter in God who is more sturdy than any mountain He created. I want to live in the shadow of the mountain that is God Himself. He is my shield and safety. He is my protection and strength. None of my problems are too big for Him.

And He’s not going anywhere. He is as immovable as a mountain. And if I go to Him by reading His Word and praying, He is there.

You see, there “ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough” to keep God from me. That’s where I get my help. That’s where I get my strength. That’s where I want to be.