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The Beginning

Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19

The people watching the crucifixion thought Jesus was stuck up there, unable to save Himself. What they refused to see was God choosing to stay on the cross so He could save them.

The proof that Jesus is God, the perfect, spotless Lamb sacrificed to redeem sinners, is in the fact that He didn’t come down off that cross. He died in order to pay our death sentence, and that of the very people who hung Him there.

When you read the crucifixion account in all the four Gospels, the beatings, the mocking, His mother and John, the soldiers, His words, the thieves, the darkness, the curtain, the prophecies fulfilled that day, you are reading about the King not defeated – victorious!

His enemies thought this was the end of HIm. But it was just the beginning!

Feb 13 – And He Will Be Forgiven

Leviticus 1-4

The priests were given specific instructions for sacrifices for sins. And the instructions varied according to the sin a person was confessing, and on the animal they brought to be sacrificed. Every one of the million or so Jews in the desert required an animal sacrifice for the sins they committed. And, if they were like me, they probably needed to visit the priest every day.

Next time I complain about being too busy, I’m going to remember what a day in the life of Aaron and his sons must have looked like.

“The priest shall make atonement for him, and he will be forgiven.” Those words are repeated several times in the chapters we read today. Of course they pertain to the work of the Old Testament priests who stood over the altar and shed the blood of thousands of animals so that the children of God could be forgiven for their sins.

But we live after the cross. Jesus, the Lamb of God, the Perfect Sacrifice, fulfilled all the requirements handed down to Aaron for atonement for sin, for forgiving us. He died once and for all.

It’s not that what we read today isn’t still required for forgiveness. “Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness” still applies today. But praise God, Jesus’ blood covers it all!

Every detail has been perfectly fulfilled by Jesus. And because He offered Himself to be sacrificed, I can go to Him and know forgiveness is mine for the asking.

My Priest, Jesus, has made atonement for me, and I am forgiven.

Jan 19 – What About Isaac?

Genesis 22-24

We are well aware of Abraham’s faith that allowed him to stand over his son Isaac, knife raised, ready to sacrifice his son on an altar, because God told him to. But what of Isaac’s faith? The Bible doesn’t say anything about that.

It’s kind of a picture of Christ, isn’t it? The father’s son, who carried the wood for the sacrifice, like Jesus carried the wooden cross.

I wonder if Isaac went willingly. That must not┬áreally matter because the Bible isn’t clear concerning it. But Abraham had said something to Isaac I choose to believe the boy believed:

The Lord will provide a lamb.

And I believe Isaac’s own faith allowed him to crawl up on that altar in obedience.

Makes me wonder how far my faith would take me. Am I really ready to lay it all on the altar? My health? My family? My finances? My future? What about my pride, my thought-life, my self?

God, give me faith like Isaac’s.