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October 18

Matthew 17:24-27, 18:6-35, 19:1-2, 8:18-22, 11:20-24; Mark 9:38-5-, 10:1; Luke 9:49-62, 10:1-20

Who likes paying taxes? Do any of you wish our taxes were higher? I just wrote a check for my property taxes and it took quite a chunk out of my savings. I can’t say I wrote the check joyfully.

And after our recent government shut-down circus… don’t get me started.

Jesus paid taxes. He even paid the temple tax which was money used for God’s work and he was… well… God.

The United States is still a great nation and I’m glad I live here. Jesus’ example teaches us that we have a responsibility to pay our taxes so the government can run effectively and to support our local churches financially so God’s work can be done. But I believe we also have a responsibility to hold our leaders accountable, whether national, state, local, or in our churches. We need to speak up, to get involved, to make changes that need to be made according to Scripture. 

Are you planning to vote in November? Christians – we need to. We need to know the issues and the people wanting to be elected at all levels of government. We need to research, ask questions, talk about it with those we trust. And we need to pray before we push that button or punch that card.

Jesus gave us an example of responsible citizenship. Let’s follow his lead.