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Prophesy Fulfilled? (Acts 20-23

Paul was warned that if he went to Jerusalem he would be arrested, bound, and imprisoned. He responded with this:

Why are you weeping and breaking my heart? I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus. (21:13)

Paul’s friends recognized the signs and warned Paul there was danger ahead. But Paul wasn’t interested in the signs. He was committed to the mission, focused on sharing the truth about Jesus – no matter what, signs or no signs.

Almost every day I hear or read something like : “Bible prophesy is being fulfilled! The end is near! We are living in the last days!” It seems to me many people have become so obsessed with connecting the dots. But what good is simply connecting the dots?

Paul didn’t deny the signs. But he didn’t waste time investigating the details, either. His focus was on sharing the Gospel for as long and as loudly as he was able.

I’m reminded the Church has been reading the signs since the day Jesus went back to live in heaven. Many people believed Hitler was the antichrist back in the 1940’s, and were sure Jesus’ return was on the immediate horizon. The truth is, there have been Bible prophesies fulfilled, probably every year since John’s vision we know as the book of Revelation. People – even Jesus’ own disciples – believed Jesus was coming back in their lifetime. The signs were there.

But here’s my question: if you are reading the signs of the times and are convinced that we are living in the last days on earth – how has that belief effected your life? How urgently are you telling people about Jesus? How focused are you in sharing the Gospel with people who are facing hell, while you still have time to tell them?

Because if you aren’t frantically warning sinners, I’m really not interested in your opinion about prophesy.

Isaiah 50-53; Read It Again

Isaiah 53 always stops me in my tracks. It is one of those passages in Scripture that I can’t just power through. In fact, it’s one of those I have to read, and reread so I don’t miss a word of it. I love it so much. It amazes me and blesses me every time.

If you ever doubted the supernatural power of God’s Word, read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ last days on this earth in bodily form, AFTER you read Isaiah 53. It is an amazingly accurate description of your Savior.

And it was written hundreds of years before Jesus’ humble birth, before He experienced the rejection of His people, before His trial when He stood absolutely guiltless and didn’t open His mouth to defend Himself, before He let them pierce Him without resisting, before He was crucified between two thieves, buried in a rich man’s tomb, and before He rose again. Everything Isaiah said would happen, happened. How can anyone deny the facts?

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him. We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. (Isaiah 53:5-6) (emphasis mine)

Jesus did that for you. He did that for me. I am so thankful that I have humbled myself and accepted God’s amazing grace, the forgiveness of my sin, paid for by the death of His Son Jesus. I love Him so much.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to read Isaiah 53 again and love on the One who loves me much more than I deserve.

Feb 17 – Blood and Water

Leviticus 14-15

Don’t you love reading the Bible when something jumps out as though you were reading it for the first time? That’s what happened to me this morning. Today’s chapters include the required sacrifices for making a person healed of leprosy clean before God. Once again God’s instructions are very detailed. It includes lambs and birds and oil and wood and red string…

One of the sacrifices described includes the death of one bird, its blood sprinkled on a live bird. Then the live bird is set free to fly over the open field.

Dear one, isn’t that what happened to you when you accepted the fact that Jesus’ blood was applied to your account? Wasn’t your soul set free to soar just like that bird we read about today? Jesus blood was shed, that blood covered your sins, and you were set free. My heart is soaring just thinking about it.

Oh, there’s more!

As I was reading about how the priests were to go about cleansing a leprous house, another beautiful picture came to mind. Look at 14:51-53. The house was cleansed by running water and the blood!

My mind went immediately to the cross where Jesus died for me. What happened when the soldier pierced Jesus’ side? Out pour water and blood! That was not just some physiological phenomenon. That was God saying Jesus’ death on that cross was no accident. Jesus’ death absolutely fulfills every tiny little detail required to make me clean.

When the water and the blood poured out of Jesus’ side, that was God saying, “I love you, Connie, and I’ve got this covered.”

Dearest Savior, My heart is full this morning as I recognize how connected the Old Testament is to the Gospel. Thank you for showing us in such detail what is required for the forgiveness of sin. Thank you for the men and women who followed your instructions, who sacrificed the lambs, who washed the birds, who put the blood on toes and fingers, who baked the bread. I can’t even list a fraction of what Old Testament forgiveness requires right now. Yet I see quite clearly that what Jesus did for me on the cross was planned and executed perfectly to fulfill every little detail. You didn’t miss a thing. And you did that for me. Thank You for covering me with Your blood. My spirit soars. I worship You.

September 30

Matthew 2:1-23, 3:1-12; Luke 2:41-52, 3:1-20; Mark 1:1-8; John 1:1-28

There are so many precious truths recorded in the verses we read today, and hundreds of sermon topics. The Magi’s search for Jesus. John’s baptism. John’s testimony and imprisonment. God becoming human. Fulfilled prophesy.

These verses are packed with one blessed word after another. Can you feel the excitement and anticipation for the coming of Jesus’ ministry? This is it! This is what we’ve been reading about for the nine months we spent in the Old Testament. This is what all the prophesies foretold. This is what Abraham, David, Elijah and others looked forward to.

How blessed are we to live this side of the cross. How amazing is it to open the pages of the Bible and have the opportunity to know God’s heart. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He made all things, he was the light of the world, he revealed himself to the world but we just didn’t get it. Then in John 1:14 it says:

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

We can see the God of creation in the face of Jesus! As we continue to read about his life on earth in human form, let’s get to know him better. Let’s catch the excitement the people in the first century felt as they realized their world was going to change.  And let him change us, too!

August 28

Ezekiel 37-39

Trying to fit prophesy in material boxes can be exhausting and confusing. Do prophesies such as what we read today concern the piece of dirt we know as Israel? Is God speaking about the flesh and blood descendants of Jacob when he refers to Israel and Judah? Will King David, long dead when Ezekiel penned these words, come back to life and physically rule on a throne forever? 

I’m one who is cautious about dividing verses and placing them in either the material or the spiritual columns as I read. So, because I don’t believe old David is going to show up in the flesh, and I don’t see God establishing his eternal residence in the Middle East, I look for the spiritual truths these and other prophesies reveal.

The repeated theme is the bottom line here. The events of life (which no doubt include wars, famine, times of blessing and times of drought) all happen for one reason only.

Check out the following verses: Ezekiel 37:6,13,28; 38:16,23; 39:6,7,13,21,22,23,27,28. They all tell us these things happen to reveal our Holy God to the world. We spend so much time trying to figure out the events we just might be missing the message.

God wants us to know that nothing happens in this life by accident. Everything that occurs in your life and mine today happens for one reason – to reveal Christ to and through us.

If the prophesy is talking about war it might be talking about that struggle you are having with sin. If it’s talking about famine it might be referring to the hunger you have in your heart to know God. Drought? How is your fellowship going with your Savior? Harvest? Are you leading people to Jesus?

We live in a material world. We have flesh and blood aches and pains, challenges, blessings. But we also live in a very spiritual world. And that’s the world that will last for eternity. Everything else will pass away.

Lord, may we remember that everything that happens to us in this short life time is about you. It’s about you revealing yourself to each of us as a Holy God and a personal Savior. It’s about you revealing yourself to others through us when we allow you to shine through the circumstances of life. I pray that we would not lose focus, that we would keep our eyes on Jesus, and trust you to do your perfect work in and through us. Once again, Lord, I pray that you would find us faithful so that you can be glorified.