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Jan 9 – Longing

Job 21-23

What do you long for? Is it love? Or health? Or more money, fame? A career? Or something else?

Job longed to talk to God. Chapter 23 tells us Job wishes he knew where to find God, to learn from God, to be heard of God, and to be defended by God. Job says no matter where he goes, forward or backward, left or right, God just isn’t there. Then he says, “But…”

But He knows the way I take; When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold. (23:10, I added the bold)

We might not understand why things are like they are in our lives. Job certainly didn’t understand his circumstances. But we can find great comfort in knowing God knows! He cares, and He is present even if we can’t see Him.

It’s funny, Job longs to see God, to face God. And yet, in verse 15 he says: What am I thinking? I’d have a heart attack if I actually got what I want. God scares me!

Be careful what you wish for.

Maybe the longing in our hearts isn’t really about finding love in a spouse, or having all that money. Maybe it’s about having complete confidence in the One who loves you to death.

We are privileged to be able to read God’s heart right here in black and white, in the pages of His Holy Word. We can know for certain what Job only longed for.

And God can fulfill every longing of your heart when He fills you with Himself through the precious blood of Jesus.

Dear God, we long. We dream, and wish, and hope. And sometimes we hurt. But I thank You for the reminder that it’s You we ultimately long for. It’s Your Presence that is most important. It’s Your fellowship that’s sweeter than any human fellowship. Thank you for knowing what we do not know, for wanting what’s best for us even if it’s not what we think we want. Thank you that we can know the longing of our hearts when we repent of sin, and accept Jesus as our Savior and Lord. Thank You for You.

Living Water for a Thirsty Soul

I know that Jeremiah’s prophecy was given to the flesh and blood nation of Israel during the reign of King Josiah. But, believing all Scripture is given by God for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction, I asked him to speak to me, today, in 2014, as I read the first couple of chapters of the book of Jeremiah. There is so much there!!

When I read these words as though I was the intended audience, I hear God say: I knew you, Connie, before I formed you in your mother’s womb; Get up and prepare for action; I will make you strong; I am with you, I will take care of you; you used to love me like a young bride and followed me gladly, but there have been times you strayed.

Jeremiah 1:13 has me examining myself today. “For my people (I) have done two evil things: They have abandoned me – the fountain of living water. And they have dug for themselves cracked cisterns that can hold no water at all!”

Is my soul restless, thirsting, unfulfilled? Is it because I have turned from the Living Water? Didn’t Jesus describe himself in those terms? What is my relationship with him?

Then, have I dug my own worthless well in hopes of finding what I need on my own terms? How is that going? My attempts can’t hold water compared to what Jesus offers.

Father God, Thank you for your Word that speaks to us when we go there. Thank you for the blessing, and the conviction, that comes from spending time in these precious pages. May I allow you to drench me with the Living Water, and may your Spirit refresh me today so that I can serve you with energy! You are all I need. Thank you.


I read several psalms this morning, and as I did something in Psalm 130 convicted me. It reminded me how important is my focus, my longings, my purpose. 

I am saved. I accepted Jesus’ work on the cross and when I did, he washed my sins away. I can stand before my Holy God because he has placed his own holiness on me. That, in itself, should cause me to live a life of gratitude.

But things seem to pop up that would take my focus off my Savior. My longing may shift from wanting more of him, to wanting something else: a career, a spouse, health comfort, a bigger house, or a better car. 

As I read the psalms I am reminded to long for that which is eternal. The other things will fall into place if I look to Jesus every minute of every day. I may never have that ocean front condo, or have the privilege of sharing life with a husband. But if my focus is on the Lord, on loving him and being loved by him, on obeying him, and serving him, my longing for other things will morph into what God himself longs for me.

May my prayer always be: More of you, Lord. More of you! Whatever I have on this earth fades in comparison to knowing you, loving you, serving you.