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November 5; Betrayed

Mark 14:43-72; Matthew 26:47-75; Luke 22:47-71; John 18:1-27

Judas walked right up to Jesus and gave Him a kiss. He didn’t stand at a distance and just point a finger. He got about as close as two people could get and then he betrayed the Lord. What was he thinking?

Scripture tells us Satan had entered Judas, so we know he could not have been thinking anything good. Did Satan fill Judas with hate? Is that what motivated the betrayal? Or was it something else? Jealousy? Greed? Did he think he could force Jesus’ hand to start the rebellion against Rome?

We don’t know what Judas was thinking when he walked up to the Lord, looked Him straight in the eye, and betrayed Him with a kiss. Scripture doesn’t let us in on the thought process. So evidently the “why” behind what Judas did doesn’t matter. But it makes me wonder.

I have never said the words, “I don’t believe in Jesus.” But I will admit there were times in the past when I took His name in vain. I have never denied the cross, but there have been occasion when I have knowingly and willingly sinned. There have been times when, in effect, I have looked Jesus straight in the eye, and betrayed him.

Do I betray my Lord when people around me use vulgar language, catch themselves and apologize, and I say, “It’s ok?” Do I betray Him when I blend in with the world so that people don’t recognize me as His child? Do I betray Jesus when I go through the motions of worship with a heart that is unrepentant?

It’s easy to condemn Judas for what seems to be the ultimate betrayal of the Savior. But is my betrayal of Him any less sinful? Does my betrayal hurt Him less than Judas’?

The “why” behind my sinful actions aren’t important any more than it was behind what Judas did. The fact that I can betray my Savior grieves me.

Precious Jesus, forgive me. I can point a finger at Judas and condemn what he did, and rightfully so. What he did to You was inexcusable. But I thank You that today, You have shown me that being horrified at Judas’ sin, and not horrified at mine is wrong. I’m sorry for the times I have denied You, sinned against You, betrayed You. I want only to honor You today with every thought, word, and deed. May people know without a doubt that this woman is totally, intentionally, happily standing with You.



November 1

Matthew 25:31-46, 26:1-16; John 12:20-50, 1-11; Mark 14:1-11; Luke 22:1-6

Now we are seeing the true colors of Judas Iscariot. When Mary poured expensive perfume on Jesus and used her hair to dry him, Judas was indignant. He sounded very caring when he said that the perfume could have been sold and the money given to the poor. But John tells us old Judas’ intentions weren’t so pure. John calls him a thief and said Judas would have stolen the money and suggests the poor wouldn’t have seen a dime of it.

Now here is where Judas lost it. Jesus is telling them once again that he is going to die. He told them Mary’s act was to prepare him for burial. Remember the Jews were looking for a flesh and blood king in the Messiah. I can imagine Judas’ daydreams about the power and riches he thought he’d enjoy as a member of the inner circle of the new government. But now it’s becoming increasingly clear that those dreams aren’t coming true like he thought and one of two things happened:

One, he was mad and wanted to get even. If Jesus wasn’t going to give him what he wanted he’d see him dead.

Or two, (and I tend to think this is the case) Judas thought, ‘Ok, Jesus. If you aren’t ready to overturn the government I’m going to force your hand. Let’s see you take care of them when they arrest you. You’ll do something then and I’ll get to watch Rome crumble and be on the winning side!’

Purely an opinion because Scripture doesn’t tells us what he was thinking. It does say Satan entered Judas and we read the result of that.

Dear one, that’s what can happen when people follow Jesus for the wrong reasons. They get disappointed, their dreams don’t come true, their loved one dies. They might walk away from what belief that had and spend the rest of their lives angry at God or they might try to manipulate him into giving them what they want.

Jesus did not come to make us rich or healthy or powerful. He came to forgive us. His kingdom is not material, it’s spiritual.

Are you a follower of Jesus? I hope so. And I hope you are in it for the right reasons. I hope you serve him because you just can’t do anything else in response to his love and grace. I hope your prayers aren’t, “Lord, what can you do for me?” but rather, “Lord, how can I serve you today?”

Dear God, once again I ask that you help us check our motivation for following you. Forgive us if we concern ourselves with what’s in it for us. May we be people who willingly serve you out of grateful hearts, knowing that what you have already given us in redemption is so much more than anything this world affords. May we obey you today with every word, thought and deed and all for Jesus’ sake.