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What Do You See?

1 Samuel 16&17

Walking with God, having faith in God, living in submission to God, doesn’t see obstacles, but possibilities. The Israelite army, along with King Saul, saw only a formidable giant and a powerful army across the valley. They were paralyzed with fear. It took a young man who believed in God with complete assurance to see the possibilities.

When you look at what we as Christians are up against these days, what do you see? Do you see the insanity of the liberal agenda, and cower in fear? Do you see a president too powerful to fight? Do you consider the media an army too strong to stand against?

Or can you, like David, see an enemy that has no power over our God? God used a boy to destroy Israel’s enemy. I think He is looking for some Davids today to step up, pick up the Sword of the Spirit, arm themselves with the power of His might, and get this victory started.

If you and I call on His Name, humble ourselves, stop our own sinning, and submit to God like David did, I know the battle will be the Lord’s. As crazy as things are today, Satan will never be stronger than God. Victory is a possibility.

Do you see it? Are you a David?