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August 28 – Hidden

Ezekiel 5-8

The Bible often warns us about living double lives. Ezekiel saw in his vision, the priests who served God in public, yet worshiped idols in their homes. Jesus called the pharisees out more than once about their outward piety and their sinful hearts.

The priests, in Ezekiel’s vision, believed “The Lord does not see us…” (8:12) They must have been thinking about those wooden statues on their dressers.

Dear one, God does see. He not only sees what we do in church, He sees what we do in the privacy of our own homes. He sees what we do in daylight and in the cover of darkness. He hears what we say to our friends, and how we talk to our spouses behind closed doors.

And ¬†beyond that, He hears what we think, watches our daydreams, knows our hearts. There is nothing God doesn’t know about you. Nothing He hasn’t seen.

There is nothing – NOTHING – hidden from God.