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March 2; Come With Me

Numbers 8-10

Moses asked his brother-in-law to stay and help him maneuver the Jews through the wilderness. “You know where we should camp. You can be our eyes.” (10:31) This exchange between the two men has me thinking about a couple of things today.

First, I’m asking myself if Moses forgot there was a  pillar of cloud and fire – God Himself – leading the people; moving when God wanted them to move, stopping when God wanted them to stop? Why would Moses think Hobab could do a better job? Or did he?

I think Moses might have recognized that God gifts His people with various abilities. Maybe he saw in Hobab an experienced camper and explorer, and someone who could use his experience to help Moses in those areas.

I see a leader who trusted God first and foremost, and then gave opportunity for people to use their God-given abilities to accomplish God’s plan. Warren Wiersbe reminds us,”Hobab’s wisdom did not take the place of God’s leading.” (With The Word, Oliver-Nelson Publishing,; 1991; page 91) It merely gave Hobab the chance to be involved in what God was doing there in the wilderness.

The other thing I see, and that which convicts me this morning, is Moses’ invitation itself. He and the tribes of Israel were heading for the Promised Land. “Come with us,” he said to Hobab.

That reminds me that I need to always have that same invitation ready to share, too. I am going to heaven!

Come with me.

Feb 11 – Stop Giving

Exodus 36-38

I know of a fellowship of believers who took on an extensive building project. Lead by the Lord, they didn’t do a fund raiser. They didn’t take pledges. They didn’t hire a consultant. The pastor simply shared the plans with the congregation, and the money started rolling in.

People gave generously as their hearts were moved to give. In fact, the congregation was so generous with their gifts, that after a time with the building project’s expenses more than met, that pastor had to ask his church to stop giving.

True story.

Sometimes I think we strategize God right out of the picture. Sure the money is pledged and the buildings get built with the help of consultants and fund drives these days. But I’m not sure why we don’t trust God a bit more to move in the hearts of His people to fill a need instead.

The example I gave above can be found in the chapters we read today in Exodus. The children of Israel gave generously toward the building of the tabernacle. And God never once told anyone they had to. He simply laid the need on their hearts and they responded above and beyond.

And God is the same today as He was back then. Maybe its us who have changed.



Feb 10 – Let Me Do That

Exodus 33-35

Did you think of your church fellowship when you read these chapters in Exodus today? God moved people to action. And they obeyed. Some gave of their material possessions. Some gave of their time as they used their talents for sewing, building, carving, designing…

The Tabernacle would be made by hundreds of people, working together, following God’s leading. This is what being a church is all about.

There is a dear woman in my church who loves to sew. God laid on her heart to start a sewing ministry, not knowing how many women would even be interested. But she was faithful. Once a month from five to twenty five women gather in the fellowship hall. Some bring sewing machines, some have scissors, some bring irons. They have made Salvation Dolls and sent them to a missionary who uses them to introduce children in Africa to their Savior. They made draw string bags to put in the boxes for Operation Christmas Child. They’ve made walker bags for a nursing home in our neighborhood. They’ve made neck pillows, bookmarks, snuggle pillows for a children’s hospital, blankets, and they’ve only been meeting for about a year.

My sister feels led to minister to elderly women in her church who live alone. (Happy Birthday, Peggy. I love you!) Through her church’s visitation ministry, she visits about five women every month, takes them to the grocery if they need, takes them to lunch or the doctor, prays with them, or just sits with them. She sends them cards, and calls them just to say hi.

There is a church where a few retired men got together and formed a committee that will pick up used appliances, clean and repair them, then give them to needy people in the community. They fix furniture for the same reason.

I’ve shared that my church provides a free meal every month for the community. There are several people in this tiny fellowship who organize, cook, serve, and clean up month after month for about 100 people who enjoy a hot meal with all the fixins.

Some people are called by God to teach Sunday School, work in the nursery, mow the church lawn, cook, clean, sing, work with Youth groups, give financially.

And when these people follow God’s lead, great things can happen for our churches in Jesus’ name.

Do you feel God’s call to some ministry in your church? Don’t depend on someone else to obey your call. Step right up and say, “Let me do that!”