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June 24 – The Best Advice

2 Chronicles 10-12

Rehoboam wasn’t a child when he became king, but he did a very childish thing. Instead of listening to the sound advice of the elders, he listened to the foolishness of his buddies. He established himself as a hard, ego-maniac leader. “Don’t mess with me,” he seems to have said to the people who were working for him.

We all need advice once in a while. I’m thinking of selling my home and I can use all the good advice I can get. But there is all kinds of advice out there. How do you discern the good from the bad?

I believe the Bible is full of good advice. In Scripture we see example after example of what happens when God’s people go to Him before doing anything. When they take time to pray, to seek His face, they are blessed.

It’s when they go it on their own or listen to the advice of others who have not gone to God first, that trouble follows.

I want to know God’s will. So before I talk to a realtor, I’ll talk to God. Before I go talk to the bank, I’ll spend time in God’s Word. I’ll ask my Christian friends to pray for me. And I’ll be careful not to try to push open doors God closes.

If you want my advice, you’ll do the same before you make a decision of any kind.