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January 29

Genesis 42-44

It seems Joseph was playing games with his brothers. His dreams had come true. they were bowing down to him, coming to him because they needed him. So why didn’t he tell them who he was the minute he recognized them? Why did he make them go back to Canaan for Benjamin? Why did he plant his silver cup in Benjamin’s belongings?

I think Joseph wanted to know if they had changed from the cold-hearted men who sold him into slavery. What he saw were ten men who loved and honored their father, who were honest enough to return the silver, and who would accept Benjamin’s punishment on themselves.

And you know what? I think those ten brothers learned some things about themselves, too

Maybe we need to be a little more like Joseph. I don’t mean the game-playing. But Joseph watched his brothers’ actions in order to read their hearts.

The word ‘Christian’ is almost meaningless these days. To some, you are a Christian if you aren’t a Buddhist.

Jesus said we would know his disciples by their love. Paul tells us the fruit of the Spirit include things like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self-control.

The Bible also tells us not everyone who claims to know God really does. And it’s important that we are careful to follow truth. Not every religion is true. Not every preacher is preaching the truth.

Let’s be discerning and hold each other up to a high standard. Let’s show our world that we are changed because of our encounter with Jesus.

God give us the ability to recognize Your Truth and reject everything else. And help us to encourage each other to live according to that Truth so that people can recognize your Truth in us.