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January 24

Genesis 28:10-30:43

I think one of the sweetest verses in Scripture is 29:20. Jacob worked for Laban seven years in order to marry Rachel. But the Bible says it seemed like only a few days because of his love for her.

People who enjoy happy marriages are truly blessed. Fifty years with the one you love can seem like a few days.

God is asking… How much do you love me? Does my being in your life make the days go by quickly, even when we are busy sharing the gospel? Is the thought of spending eternity with me so sweet that it’s always before you? Is the work I’ve called you to do done out of love with a joyful heart?

Isn’t it true that when a man and woman fall in love you can see it in their faces? They talk about the other all the time. They can’t spend enough time with each other. Everything reminds them of their love.

Lord, renew my love for you. I want to love you like you deserve to be loved. May I love you so much I can’t help but talk about you and may that love be evident on my face and in my life.