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(Proverbs 8-9) Logic and Folly

It’s funny to me that while this apologetics study Bible I am using this year has an article about logic, logic is not always applied in its commentaries. On the page facing the article entitled “Is Logic Arbitrary?” by David K. Clark (CSB Apologetics Study Bible; Holman Bible Publishers; Nashville; 2017; page 758), the commentator (probably not Clark) wanted us to know that 9:13-18 weren’t intended to demean women. They, the author explained, apply to a “certain type of woman,” a foolish and immoral woman.

Logic tells me these verses are not about any woman at all. These verses are about folly, foolishness, and applies to humans. Solomon could have used a silly man as an example and the verses would mean exactly the same.

We are all tempted by foolish desires. We all listen to lies and wonder if they are true. Every one of us can be lured into acting foolishly, believing foolishness to be true, and not even realize that we join the ranks of the condemned when we do.

This whole gender sensitive narrative being touted these days is an example. It’s foolishness, lacks logic, and is blindly accepted by foolish, illogical people – men and women.

Sadly, it seems you can even find it in our Study Bibles.

December 13 – You Are Out Of Your Mind

Acts 24-26

Paul is defending himself against the lies accusing him of crimes. He went from one courtroom to another and spoke before High Priests, governors, and kings. He was imprisoned for two years. But his story never changed. Paul stayed true to his faith in Jesus.

After repeating his defenses before Festus, the governor shouted, “Paul, you are out of your mind! Your great learning is driving you mad.”

Scripture tells us spiritual truth is foolishness to those who don’t know God. It sounds crazy to believe some virgin girl gave birth after being impregnated by God. It sounds ridiculous to believe anyone could grow up without ever doing anything wrong, or live after dying on a cross. It’s foolish to believe all those men over thousands of years could write God’s Truth, and that scribes could copy it without compromising that Truth. It sounds wrong to say Jesus is the only Truth, or that He’s coming again.

I feel like God is asking me if people have reason to think I’m out of my mind. Or do I keep what I know is true to myself? Paul talked about his faith over and over again, and didn’t care what people thought of him because of it.

God, I pray that I will be faithful to share Your Truth today, regardless of what anyone thinks of me. May I share Jesus with love, and confidence, and passion like Paul did. And may people be drawn to You because of my testimony.