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Living With The Enemy

Psalm 109

David wanted his enemies crushed with no mercy. I’m comfortable with my enemies right in my own home. David wanted his enemies banished. I tolerate mine. David wanted everyone to look on his enemies with horror. I’m silent when my enemies are celebrated.

David’s enemies were people. My enemies are spiritual, the unseen soldiers of Satan’s army. Oh, that I… that we… all hated our enemy with as much passion as David hated his, if we’d stand up against evil with the same boldness as David had.

Have we become so comfortable living with the enemy that we no longer fear him? Are we more concerned about offending Satan than we are of offending God? Do we put family first, comfort first, friendships and relationships first, reputation first, or is God truly the most important thing in our lives?

The enemy has a strong foothold in our society today. His voice is louder, his power gaining strength. Do we just shrug our shoulders and let him be because we are so used to living with the enemy?

Genesis 14 – Be Prepared

Abram was not a soldier. He was a nomad, traveling with a bunch of people carrying all their worldly possessions, and leading their livestock, not knowing where they were heading. But when time came to go rescue Lot, Abram called up 318 trained men to go get him.

Did Abram’s readying those men for battle indicate a lack of faith in the God he followed? Or something else?

Sometimes people get so comfortable in the knowledge that “God is Sovereign” that they figure God’s will will be done with or without them; that if a person is on God’s “chosen” list, he or she will be saved whether or not I share the Gospel with them. I’m not so sure about that, according to Scripture.

Abram trained those men long before there was a hint of a battle. Then, when God called, they sprang into action, prepared to face the enemy.

We’re called to train like an athlete, or a soldier. Put on the armor of God. Fight the good fight.¬†Pack your bags and be ready to go like the Jews at Passover. God can defeat armies, rescue lost nephews like Lot without the action of people. But He has chosen to use us instead. I wonder what story we would be reading in Genesis if Abram had decided to sit back and let God rescue Lot Himself, or if Abram had not prepared for battle in advance.

Dear one, read your Bible. Study God’s Word. Pray. Plan ahead. Be ready to share the Good News of Jesus at a moment’s notice. Then get ready. God wants to use you to win this next battle.