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April 16 – Tears In A Bottle

Psalms 56, 120, 140-141

Have you ever felt the need to shut the door to your room and just cry? (And men, I’m talking to you, too.) You can put up a brave face for only so long, and you realize you have arrived at your breaking point. You are alone. Not even your loved ones understand. You need to be by yourself and let it all out.

But you are never alone. There is Someone right there with you who loves you beyond what you know. And it’s at our lowest points that God wants to hold us, comfort and strengthen us.

I love what David said in Psalm 56:8:

You have taken account of my wanderings; put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in your book?

There isn’t a tear that falls from your eyes that God does not see or consider important. And he doesn’t forget a one of them.

David’s circumstances did not change. Saul still wanted him dead. The Philistines held him captive. But listen to David’s words in the midst of his pain:

When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You, in God whose word I praise, in God I have put my trust; I shall not be afraid. What can mere man do to me?

If you are sad, or alone, or fearful, or all of the above, get alone with your Savior. Read the psalms. Let God gather your tears and replace them with Himself.

He loves you so much.

Plan A

Did you ever work toward a goal but have things turn out differently than you had imagined? In Genesis 29 we see that Jacob worked for seven years to marry Rachael only to wake up one day and realize he’d married her sister Leah instead. Oh, he eventually married Rachael but it took seven more years to seal the deal. Jacob was blessed with twelve sons as a result of his marriages and the Twelve Tribes of Israel were established through him. But it wasn’t exactly Jacob’s Plan A.

It was, however, God’s.

If Jacob had gotten his way and married only Rachel we might be talking about the Two Tribes of Israel. If he had harbored resentment, or gone back to Isaac with Leah and pouted about not getting what he wanted, who knows what would have been the result. Instead Jacob accepted the roadblock and went back to work. And God blessed him for it.

What do you do when your plans and dreams take a detour? Do you give up? Do you waste time with anger and resentment? Do you play the blame game? Or do you thank God for the detour and get going again? Not all our goals are from God. And if he puts a roadblock in our way or shuts a door in our face to prevent us from succeeding at that thing, he does it out of love. 

I think God would have me see that he is interested in our journey as much – or maybe more than- reaching our goal. And on this journey he wants to bless us, to bring us joy, to use us to demonstrate his love. That’s why I pray that if what I am doing is not his will, he will put up that roadblock, that I will fail. And if it is from him, that he would bless it and bring about his goal. I’d rather have his Plan A fulfilled in me than my own Plan A… or B… or C… if God isn’t in it. 

God, I thank you for having a plan for my life. I know that the bottom line is that you want to use me to draw unsaved people to the Savior. So Father, I pray that you will make your will known, that I will recognize the stop signs and detours, and that I will be faithful to walk where you want me to go. I want your Plan A to be mine.