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April 15; Why Not Now?

I Samuel 17

David had been a shepherd, caring for his father’s sheep and protecting them from wild animals. One day a lion appeared, ready to attack David’s flock. David attacked and killed the lion instead.

Another day a bear came to attack the sheep. David attacked and killed the bear. David killed a lion and a bear with his bear hands.

Now let’s think about that for a minute. He was most likely alone in the desert. There was no one to witness his heroics. Had he gone home and told his dad that a lion and a bear had killed a few of the sheep, his dad would probably have understood. I’m not sure those things even crossed David’s mind.

Most likely he had been sitting there under the stars, playing his harp and singing praises to God. But when the challenge presented itself, when the threat was real, he got up and did what he did. He fought and defeat the enemy beasts.

Now David is in the Israelite camp. His dad had sent him on an errand. David certainly wasn’t looking for a fight. He wasn’t expecting to face a giant. But when he listened to Goliath threaten the Israelite army, and disrespect the Israelite God, David went into attack mode.

God had been faithful in the past. Why not now?

I don’t know what challenges you have faced in the past. I don’t know the times you have seen God work in your life, how He has proven Himself faithful to you when you’ve gone through those valleys we all go through at some time or another.

And I don’t know what you are going to face today. But if you’ve walked with God for any time at all, I know you know He is able to give you a victory when you need one. I know you know He is not threatened by Satan’s attack, and He is able to help you do what you need to do to fight him and win.

God has been faithful in the past. Why not now?

August 31 – Don’t Squander The Gift

Ezekiel 16-17

The analogy in chapter 16 spoke to me today as if I read it for the first time. A baby is born, unloved, uncared for, discarded, thrown into the open field to die, abhorred. It’s a picture of a helpless one without hope.

But God came along. He saw the newborn squirming in its own blood, and said, “Live!”

That’s a picture of me. I was dying in my own filth, abhorrent to my God. But He looked at me who was without hope, and gave me hope. He gave me life. He gave me Himself.

In the analogy, God nurtures the one He saved. “Then you grew up, became tall and reached the age for fine ornaments…” (16:7) I relate to that. I have also enjoyed the benefits of growing in the Lord, of getting stronger, of becoming the woman He wants me to be, and I am blessed because of Him.

But, sadly, the analogy does not end well. That baby saved by grace, grew up to become a harlot. She used the beautiful jewels given to her by God, and made idols from them. She used the embroidered cloth, and the bread and honey, for her idols. She even became a harlot who paid her lovers instead of receiving payment for her favors. How degrading. How deplorable. How can that even happen?

I’m just reminded not to get too comfortable in my relationship with God, not to get too confident in my position as His child. I don’t want to neglect to recognize Satan’s attacks, his subtle attempt to lure me away from the One who saved me. And I never want to squander the precious gift Jesus has given me.

Ezekiel’s analogy has me wanting to protect what is mine through grace, by protecting my relationship with the One who saved me.

March 4 – One Victory Isn’t The War

Numbers 21&22

I didn’t realize that there were occasions during their forty year journey to the Promised Land when the Jews lived in cities. (21:25) It must have felt good to sleep in beds, have a roof over their heads, and a place to cook their food, after so long living in tents in the wilderness. I wonder how hard it would have been to pack up again and continue their journey when God moved.

I wonder if some of them just didn’t move with Him. The Israelites had fought and defeated the inhabitants of those cities. What would be the harm in staying?

As I think about that this morning I am reminded of times in my life when I have defeated my enemy, Satan. Times when I’ve overcome a temptation, or repented of and walked away from a sin I’ve been committing. Victory feels great, and my relationship with God is sweet during those times.

But before long, God reveals another sin He wants us to conquer. Another battle to win. He encourages me to take another step on our journey toward His best for me.

If I choose to stay in my present “city” my relationship with Him can remain sweet and comfortable, I guess. But what would I be missing? How much more sweet and precious can my relationship with my Savior be?

I don’t want to be satisfied with winning a battle or two. I want to win the whole war. I want everything God offers in this life and the next.

And that means I move when He moves. No matter how comfortable I might be at the moment, I press on. Because if what I have now is amazing…