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March 6; It Might Be Contagious

Numbers 19-21

Jacob’s descendants, the Israelites, went to Esau’s descendants, the Edomites, to ask permission to cut through their property on their way to the Promised Land. When last we saw the brothers they were reunited, their past differences seemingly forgiven. But here we are hundreds of years later, and the bad feelings seem to have resurfaced.┬áThe king of Edom threatened to go to war with his cousins if they stepped foot on his land.

I don’t know why the Edomites reacted so strongly against Israel, why they didn’t trust them to walk through the land and keep their word not to disturb anything. Was it because Esau didn’t trust Jacob so many years ago? Was that something the Edomites grew up believing? “Never trust a son of Jacob.”

Was it because of jealousy? “Why are Jacob’s descendants so blessed by God? We’re Abraham’s sons, too.” Was their refusal to allow the Israelites to cut through their land just meanness toward people they envied?

It has me thinking about the things we say, the attitudes we display, the prejudices and opinions we express in our homes and in front of our children. Many people are able to break away from toxic parenting, and allow God to shape their attitudes instead of simply adopting their parents’ attitudes. Many are not able to do that, and live their lives with the same destructive thoughts and actions as their parents and, often, their grandparents.

But there is a flip side. If peace, and love, and holiness, patience, kindness, and joy are lived in your home, just maybe your children will follow your lead when they are old enough to choose their own attitudes. Just maybe they will learn from you to base their view of the world on God’s Word instead of the nightly news, to love instead of hate, to be holy instead of blending in with the world.

Which gets me thinking about something else. What kind of attitudes and opinions are rubbing off me and onto the people with whom I have contact? I represent God, or religion, or the Church, or Christianity when I wear Christ’s name, when I profess to be a Christian. Do I want people to adopt my opinion of God, my view of the world, my attitude toward sin and forgiveness?

I believe our attitudes and our beliefs are contagious. What are others catching from us?

Leviticus 1; Smelling Like Jesus

There is a restaurant on this island that serves the best steaks. It’s not a fancy restaurant. It looks like an old barn. The interior is rustic, the tables worn. But, oh that food!

This restaurant happens to be on the only road going north/south on the island. So any time I want to go anywhere, I pass Bennie’s Red Barn.

When I read, “…an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the Lord,” I get it. I’ve been known to slow down and roll down my window when I pass Bennie’s just to get a whiff of that meat on the grill. That is a pleasing aroma to me.

The Old Testament sacrifices hold so many precious reminders of Jesus, the fire of God’s holiness, the Blood, the Sacrifice of the Spotless Lamb. Jesus’ work on the cross was and is a pleasing aroma to the Father.

Paul says, in 2 Corinthians 2:15:

For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.

I’m wondering if that’s true of me. Am I the pleasing aroma to God that Jesus is?

I have a friend whose husband absolutely demands that she never, ever eat garlic. I’ve never met anyone who can eat a bite of food with garlic in it, then reek of garlic afterward like she can. Not just on her breath. It pours out her pores like a garlic diffuser.

That has me thinking this morning. Is what I am ingesting coming out as a pleasing aroma to God, or not so much? Do I spend time with Him, read and think about His Word, communicate with Him, so that I give God the same pleasure His Son does? Does God want to roll down the windows of heaven to get that whiff of me? Or do the windows go up because I smell like the world?

I want to be a pleasing aroma to God. And I want to be a pleasing aroma to people around me, too. Because I want to spend so much time with my Savior, that they’ll be drawn to to the scent of Him pouring out of me.

I want to smell like Jesus.