Jesus Will Be There

Matthew 10:37-42

Some people think about, and make choices considering the “rewards” they will receive in heaven. Jesus Himself said that if you receive a prophet you’ll get a prophet’s reward, if you receive a righteous person you’ll get a reward like a righteous person, if you give water to the least of His followers, you will receive a reward. So if Jesus says we will receive a reward in heaven, I have to believe it.

What is a reward of a prophet, or a righteous person? What is a cup of water worth?

I’ve heard the interpretation of John’s revelation as describing the crowns believers will receive in heaven. The focus being on the crowns. God, through John clearly says that for those who endure, there will be a reward. People can get excited wondering what their crown will look like. Diamonds? Rubies? Gold?

But if you look at Revelation 2-3, and if you think about the reward promised to the people who endure, you’ll see a theme.

Rev 2:7 LIfe
2:11 Salvation
17 Manna
28 Morning Star
3:7 Belonging to Jesus
12 the Name
28 Victory

Do you see it? All of these crowns or rewards describe Jesus Himself, who HE is and what HE has done.

What is a prophet’s reward? JESUS! What is the reward of a righteous person? JESUS! What is a cup of water given to a thirsty soul worth? JESUS!

When people talk about mansions or crowns or streets of gold, I want to remind them that Jesus will be there.

In Matthew 10:37ff Jesus tells us if we love anyone more than we love Him we aren’t worthy of Him. If your whole life isn’t lived for Him, if anything is more important than Him, you aren’t worthy of Him.

I personally believe that if you look forward to seeing anyone in heaven other than Jesus, you don’t get it. JESUS WILL BE THERE!

Jesus Himself will be your award! Jesus won’t be one of many things to see, being with Him won’t be one of many things to do. Jesus will be everything! And it will be glorious!

The reward for a believer will be Jesus. Can you think of anything more important? Think again.

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