November 9; He’s Alive!

Mark 15:42-16:8; Matthew 27:57-28:10; Luke 23:50-24:12; John 19:38-20:18

He’s alive. Jesus is alive. The real flesh and blood body of Jesus got up from that grave and lives once again.

The public had watched Him die. The centurion had made sure He wasn’t faking it. Pilate had turned over a corpse to Joseph of Arimathia. The man Jesus was dead, then buried, then sealed inside the tomb carved out of a mountain, guarded by soldiers.

But He didn’t stay there!

No one revived Him. No one put the AED paddles on His heart. Jesus gave up His life, and He took it back again.

No one, not any god or prophet or guru has ever or will ever do what Jesus did. Because not any god or prophet or guru is God, except Jesus!

I serve a risen Savior!

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