September 9; I Love God

Zechariah 1-6

Sometimes I think we can get so caught up in the details of the visions like Zechariah’s vision we might miss the message. Colorful horses, horns, flying scrolls, and mountains of bronze make for an intriguing mystery. And everything in these visions is symbolic of something important.

But today as I read these six chapters I see God’s Sovereignty. I see His love for people, and His hatred of sin. I see Him providing the means of salvation, and the blessings that come from obeying Him.

I see a God who tirelessly works to draw all people to Himself, a God who has thrown open the doors of the temple, torn down the walls around Jerusalem, so that anyone who comes to Him can enter and join His family. I see my Savior who, because I have accepted His grace, has exchanged my filthy life for His righteousness, the Branch clothed in majesty, and who is building the Church one redeemed soul at a time.

I see a God who loves me. And I love God.

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