August 16; Umm…NO

Ezekiel 23:1-9, 24:1-27; Jeremiah 21:1-14

King Zedekiah wanted Jeremiah to ask God if He was going to help them against their enemy. God’s answer? “Umm…NO.”

That’s the thing. So often when we find ourselves in trouble, we cry out to God, “Help me! I need a miracle!” And sometimes God’s answer is “No. You want to live life on your terms, fight your enemy on your own strength.”

What I notice about Zedekiah’s request is the absence of a confession. God was using the Babylonians to punish Israel for sin, and the king didn’t seem to think it was necessary to repent of that sin. Now I’m wondering if I don’t do the same thing.

I need to remember that repentance comes before answered prayer. Repentance comes before God’s blessings. If I want to hear God say, “Yes,” I need to ask Him on His terms.

After all, He’s God.

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