June 17; Lying Spirits

I Kings 21:1-29, 22:1-25, 51-53; 2 Chronicles 18:2-34

The prophet Micaiah drew an allegorical picture of God in heaven having a conversation with the spirits. God asks: ‘Who will entice Ahab to go attack the enemy, and die in the battle?’ One spirit replies: ‘Let me do it. I’ll go and put a lying spirit in the mouths of the prophets.’ God tells the spirit: ‘Go. That should do it.’

My sister has some friends who visited a Mennonite church yesterday. I thought about their experience when I read these chapters. (I’m not saying this is the case in all Mennonite churches. But it is in this particular one)

There were openly homosexual couples in the congregation. The associate pastor was also homosexual. He called the children up front for the children’s message and pointed to a pile of white granules. Was it salt or sugar? You couldn’t tell. But salt can never be sugar, nor sugar ever be salt. He referenced a children’s book about a red crayon that tried to be blue because everyone told him he was blue.

The senior pastor’s sermon was about how God creates some people to be homosexual, so therefore does not condemn them. In fact, the pastor described himself as formerly being a “handicapped, white, straight guy” until the associate pastor helped him see the light, and his own brother confessed to being homosexual.

It’s not like they threw the Bible out. The pastor carefully chose verses that he could twist to support the lies.

Lying spirits in the mouths of prophets.

When Ahab heard the 400 prophets tell him to go to war, that God was going to give him the victory, then heard the one prophet warn him with the truth, Ahab chose to go with the lies. And it cost him his life.

The voices of the lying spirits are loud and strong today. And they are not just coming out of Hollywood. But listening to them will lead to death every bit as much as it led Ahab.

And it is an eternal death.

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