March 11; Good Enough

Numbers 32-33

The land was good. It offered everything they needed for their families and livestock. Oh, they didn’t blame others for wanting to cross the Jordan. In fact, they’d help them move. But the two and a half tribes let immediate material gain outweigh the promise of what God had waiting for them in Canaan.

Why would they wander forty years in the desert, only to be satisfied with living almost in the Promised Land? Why would they be ok with living on the banks of the Jordan, without taking those few final steps to cross it to get to everything God had promised?

Makes me wonder if I have fully crossed over, myself. Makes me wonder if I’m holding on to a piece of “good enough” instead of embracing everything God has for me. Why would I want my relationship with God to be just “good enough,” when He offers so much more?

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