February 21; Reverence

Leviticus 16-18

I’m glad I live this side of the cross. Because Jesus is my Savior, I can boldly approach the throne of God and know He welcomes me. I don’t have to go through a priest because Jesus is my High Priest. I don’t need to sacrifice an animal. Jesus sacrificed Himself for me.

But often when I read passages like the one I read today concerning everything required for Aaron to approach the Lord, I wonder if we haven’t lost a bit of the reverence and awe of God the Jews had there in the desert. I wonder if we’ve become so familiar with God we’ve forgotten how to fear Him. Have we become so casual in our worship we neglect to recognize His holiness?

I’ve heard people ask, “Shouldn’t we have the same excitement in our worship as we do at a football game?” They base their picture of worship on David’s joyful entrance into the city where he danced with abandon, or psalms that speak of the joy of worship. (You do know there are also psalms that speak of humility and brokenness in worship, too, don’t you?)

I’m sorry, but equating worship and football games is ridiculous. Worship is not about cheering God on. “Give me a G…”

Let me encourage us all to remember what worship really is, and who it is we worship. Our approach to the Lord may have changed because of Jesus. But God is still the holy, fearsome, awesome God He was when Aaron approached Him with fear and trembling.

And God still deserves our reverence.

2 thoughts on “February 21; Reverence

  1. leo4him

    I believe the preacher who made the reference to the football game was making the point that we as Christians should be just as excited if not more excited when we come to church. Sports fans go to games, rain or snow, they talk about their teams and are not afraid to share info and stats about their team…what if we were the same way about our great God? When rain and snow wouldn’t keep us from skipping a service and we weren’t afraid of sharing Him? I totally agree on the reverence point you were making -we fall into sin practices when we forget how awesome, perfect and holy our infinite creator and sustainer is. Been there, done that -praying I stay in His word so I never go back.

    1. cazehner Post author

      I see your point. The preacher I referenced certainly had a different take on the subject. But as a follower of Jesus, I want the subject of my Savior to be on the tip of my tongue as readily as that football fan who talks about his favorite team every chance he gets. I want to be more faithful to be in God’s house than a season ticket holder during playoffs. I want to worship God, not for how it makes me feel, but because God is worthy. Praying with you that we will not forget Who it is we worship. God bless you, dear one.


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