Wild Flowers & Noble Vines

Please read this post with an important message for us all, drawn from a real-life experience. Love it! Love you! May God give us wisdom.

Grain of Wheat


There once was upon a time, in my younger days, when I had been taking great delight in building up my little back garden.  I had a pretty, brick, raised flowerbed built for me that made me feel very happy indeed as I worked hard to create a cohesive, attractive layout of plants & flowers within it.  Everything in the garden was looking simply rosy, and my gardening skills were growing little by little just as the flowers that I planted filled out the spaces to create a rather pleasing effect to the eye & a soothing effect on my heart & soul.  I could sit out there in the sunshine & enjoy the beauty of the work of my hands besides that flowerbed as I relaxed at the end of a day’s labours.

So all was rosy in the garden

Then one day, just as I was driving along…

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