January 18; Being Intentional

As I read, and re-read this portion of Scripture this morning, I noticed how often Abram built altars in his travels. It seems like building an altar was usually the first thing he did when he and his entourage took a break from their journey. Is that significant? Does that have anything to do with my relationship with God?

To me, it indicates that Abram was intentional in his worship of God. He didn’t just throw a lamb on a pile of rocks. He took those rocks and built a proper altar before offering a sacrifice. How Abram worshiped seemed to matter a great deal to him.

There was nothing casual about the way Abram approached God. He was prepared to deal with sin, and worship God.

Here’s what else spoke to me today: I don’t read about any altar-building or even prayer when Abram took the gang into Egypt. And that trip didn’t go well. Abram feared for his life. So he lied. Without following God’s lead, he put himself in danger, and sinned.

So God is asking me today how intentional I am in my worship of, and obedience to Him? I can’t go through the motions of worship no matter how a worship experience makes me feel, and expect God to bless me if I’m not actually worshiping HIM. And I can’t assume He’ll be in on my decisions if I don’t intentionally go to Him first, then follow His lead.

I don’t want to just be a person who goes through the motions, or who does just enough to get by. I want to be an intentional follower of God. I want my worship of Him to come from a heart prepared to worship by reading His Word, by prayer, by dealing with sin in my life. I want to build that beautiful altar so that my worship is exactly what God deserves.


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