January 11; Combating Lies

When Job wasn’t buying the advice his friends were giving, Eliphaz resorted to lies. Maybe he and his friends were hoping Job would confess to some great sin because, if Job was really not guilty and all this bad stuff was happening to him anyway, couldn’t the same thing happen to them?

Come on, Job Confess to something. Anything, to make me feel better.

Job’s response to Eliphaz’s lies spoke to me today.

He didn’t.

In the face of the blatant, defaming, attack on his character, the boldfaced lies being said about him, Job kept his focus on God. He acts as if Eliphaz hadn’t said any of those things.

I’m so tired of the war-of-words that is happening in our world. Not just that between our president and the media, or between our political parties, but with all of us with such fragile egos, and an overwhelming sense of entitlement. We’re almost to the point where you can’t have an opinion that’s different than someone else’s without hurting their feelings and causing a big controversy played out on social media.

Let’s be a little more like Job. In the middle of living the most devastating circumstances known to man, then having lies being said on top of it, he looked to God.

Christian, let’s do the same. Let’s set aside our egos, let’s put into perspective the opinions  people have about God and His Word, and hold on to God and His Word. Let’s answer the lies being said about us with the same response Job gave. Talk instead about our hope and confidence in the Lord rather than trying to offer empty words no-one hears anyway, and which usually only gives them ammunition for a counter-attack.

Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus, worship God for who He is. Let’s love and pray for our enemies, and do good to those who mistreat us. Let’s be the Church God intends for us to be to share the Good News with a world that so desperately needs Him.

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