Job 15-17; Eliphaz, Part 2

I usually try to avoid debating. I stink at it. The thoughts in my head never come out like I think they should, which ends up giving the other person the upper hand. Because what I find is that a good debater doesn’t necessarily listen to what is said, but rather how it is said. Then, if that isn’t enough, the debate turns into character assassination.

That’s what I think Eliphaz was doing here. Job had not jumped over to his side after Eliphaz’s impressive discourse earlier, so Eliphaz attacks Job himself. He describes a “wicked” man, but we all know he was talking about Job.

Miserable comforter!

Job tells Eliphaz that if he was in Job’s shoes, he’d encourage Eliphaz, he’d speak words of comfort to Eliphaz. That’s what Job needed in his anguish. That’s what he hoped he’d be able to provide if the tables were turned.

That’s what spoke to me this morning. Trials and heartaches are part of life here on earth as a result of our sin nature. And I hope that during those troubling times in your own life, someone came along side of you. I hope God was able to comfort you through someone who looked past your words and saw your wounds.

And I hope you have been that someone to someone else in their time of need,too.

Warren Wiersbe quotes John Henry Jowett on page 65 of his study of Job entitled, “Be Patient.” Mr Jowett said:

“God does not comfort us to make us comfortable, but to make us comforters.”

Do you know someone who is hurting today? Ask God how you can use the comfort you have been given to be a comforter today for that person, in Jesus’ name.


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