Judges 4-5; Too Religious?

Have you ever stopped yourself from speaking about the Lord in a conversation, because you didn’t want to sound too religious? What does being “too religious” even mean? And why wouldn’t we want everyone we meet to recognize the fact that we walk with God?

The song Deborah and Barak sang after their victory over Sisera is full of joyful praise, unashamed devotion to the One True God. He had done great things for Israel. And they were singing His praises!

God is still doing great things. Shouldn’t my praise of Him be as bold? I like how the song ends:

But may they who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength. (5:31)

I want to wake up every day, eager to shine God’s light on the world. I want to represent Him to a lost world, with unabashed devotion. No apologies. No hesitation.

That old sun comes over the horizon every day and takes over, the darkness has no strength against it. I’m pretty sure the sun never worries about shining too brightly. Why should I?

So if someone thinks I’m too religious because of my love for the Lord, praise God!

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