Exodus 14&15; A Lesson From The Bottom

We’ve all heard about the Israelites and the parting of the Red Sea. They escaped their enemy on dry ground when God parted the waters. They had but to step down, and walk through on the sea’s floor.

John Wesley said something in his Bible Commentary that has me thinking. He suggests it was no accident God provided salvation for His people in such a way. We don’t read that God fashioned a boardwalk so the people could walk over the water. We know Jesus walked on water, so He could have given the same ability to the Jews. And we don’t read that God picked up the whole gang and placed them on the other side, like Philip’s experience after meeting with the eunuch.

Salvation occurred when God’s people stepped down into the bottom of the sea. Wesley says it’s a picture of our own requirement for salvation. A stepping down from control, a humbling, a total submission to the will of God.

We might want to be elevated, or go to God on His level. In fact, there are some churches that preach that you can. But salvation comes when we humble ourselves and allow God to rescue us from the depths of our souls, from the bottom of the sea.

2 thoughts on “Exodus 14&15; A Lesson From The Bottom

    1. cazehner Post author

      Thank you for your encouraging comment. Don’t you just love how God’s Word is active, and alive, and relevant? May He bless you today and make you a blessing to others for Jesus’ sake!


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