Genesis 15-16 God Sees Me

Hagar was an Egyptian girl working in Abram’s household. Was she able to observe Abram’s faith in God? Did Sarai talk to her servant about God? Did Hagar become a believer as a result of knowing Abram and Sarai? Scripture doesn’t tell us that. But God spoke to this Egyptian girl just like He spoke to Abram.

Hagar heard God’s voice. 16:7 tells us the “angel of the Lord” found her and talked to her.

God has many names. And I love them all. But the one Hagar gave God speaks to me today. “You are the God who sees me,”… “I have now seen the One who sees me.” (16:13)

When I am lonely or discouraged, depressed or afraid, I can look to my Heavenly Father and know He sees me. There is something very precious, very comforting about that Name.

I am not alone. The Creator see me, sees my circumstances, sees my heart. And He loves me, will never leave me, strengthens and keeps me.

I worship the God who sees me!

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