Genesis 9:6 – Captial Punishment

One thing about slowing down my Bible reading this year and being sensitive to what God would say to me in each verse, is that sometimes I get excited about what I am learning more than once a day. Today God laid two things on my heart. And neither of them is politically correct.

Genesis 9:6 isn’t the only time in Scripture that God addresses capital punishment. But it was important enough for Him to talk to Noah and sons about it the minute they got out of the ark. So it must be important for us to consider today.

I recently read about a mass murder that happened in my home town in 1948. The killer was caught, tried, found guilty and sentenced to death. He was executed the next year. The. Next. Year. People sit on death row for decades these days.

I’ve heard it argued that the death penalty is not a deterrent because people still committ murders. But, really,there is no way to measure the number of people who refrain from killing because of fear of paying with their own lives. Does the fear of punishment effect how you live?

Do you break when you see a police car for fear of getting a ticket? Do you pay for that item at the store for fear of going to jail? Why don’t you yell, “fire” in a crowded theatre?

Oh sure, you can say it’s because you know the difference between right and wrong. But how did you learn that? I bet you learned the word, “no” just like everyone else did.

I’m a firm believer in swatting bottoms, in slapping hands, and in the death penalty. I believe it because Scripture teaches it.

Told you it wasn’t politically correct. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Genesis 9:6 – Captial Punishment

  1. vonhonnauldt

    There were more than 40 death-penalty sins under the Mosaic Law. And the death penalty is a deterrent – to the one executed. How many crimes have been committed by felons? We had a case here recently with a fellow who had been convicted of 12 – 12 – sexual offenses. In the course of the conversation with an officer involved about what to do with such people, the officer said, “At some point, you run into the constitutional rights of the offender” !!! The OT law was more concerned with the rights of the victim.

    1. cazehner Post author

      We are messed up. And we have the solution right here in black and white. “If My people…”
      Thank you for your comment, friend. I prayed for you today.


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