Exodus 6&7 – Living In A Boat

I live on an island. There is a woman who has been coming to our Bible study who, with her husband, lives on their sailboat docked at the marina. They sold their home several years ago and decided instead to live on the water. I haven’t seen their home, but I understand they have all the comforts of owning a small house, and no lawn to mow.

I asked her what they did when hurricane Matthew hit. She said they sailed to a cove on the north end of the island and rode out the storm tucked into the rivers there.

Guess what story I read about today in God’s Word. Yep! Noah.

During the hurricane there were several ways to seek safety. I moved inland. Some boarded up their windows and locked themselves in closets. Some stood at open windows and faced the storm head-on. Others got in boats and looked for shelter in the water.

But in Noah’s day, there were no such options. Safety in the storm, salvation, was found in only one place. One.

Too many people live today like people in a hurricane. Everyone carries out their own plan, seeks their own shelter. And, in the case of this island during Matthew, we all survived.

Eternity isn’t like that. Salvation is found nowhere but in Jesus. You either get on board. Or you die. There is no alternate route.

Noah’s story is a picture of God’s salvation plan. You can’t survive this life on your own terms. You can’t build your own boat. Jesus said that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and nobody goes to the Father except through Him.

He is the boat. And that’s the boat I want to be living on! It’s the boat that will take me safely home.

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