December 26 – No Time To Sin

I John

Can you be a Christian and still hold on to a sin or two? Does being a Christian involve accepting Jesus, then putting Him on a shelf and continuing life as usual? I would suggest you read John’s first letter and ask yourself what Scripture has to say about that.

This is serious business. I’m afraid we’ve come to believe Christianity is something you put on on Sundays. But John tells us No one who abides in Him sins; no one who sins has seen Him or knows Him. (3:6)

The key to Christianity must be abiding in Christ. So how are you doing?

Do you pursue Jesus by spending time with Him in His Word, and by praying? Are you aware, and do you welcome, His Presence every minute of every day? Do you love Him above all, and share His love with others? Are you more like Jesus than you were yesterday?

I think if those things were true in each of us, we wouldn’t have time (or the desire) to continue to sin.

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