December 22 – Where God Is

Hebrews 7-10

The Holy of Holies was a mystery to Old Testament Jews. Most of the priests hadn’t even dared to enter the place where the Ark of God resided. One priest, once a year, entered with fear and trembling, did his duty, and got out of there. It was much more a forbidden place than your parents’ closet where your wrapped Christmas presents were hidden. And what was in the Holy Place was more wonderful than any present you ever peeked into.

God was there!

The writer of Hebrews tells us that when Jesus died, His blood gave us access into the Holy Place. We have the privilege of going to God without waiting for the right day of the year, or through some priest. Jesus opened the door to the place where God is and gave us the invitation to come!

I don’t think I can grasp the significance of that act. I take my walk with God for granted way too often. So I’m thankful for these chapters in Hebrews today which remind me what a very big deal it is that Jesus died once for all, and provided the way for me to live in the Holy Place, where God is, right in my heart!

Dearest Jesus, “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to express enough what is in my heart right now. There is so much connected with your death on the cross. Forgiveness of sin, victory over death and Satan, no longer a slave to sin, eternal life, and the very amazing privilege of having a relationship with you right now in 2016. You, the Creator God, Eternal, Holy Holy Holy, invite me to come to you. And I do. I love you, Lord.

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