December 11 – It’s My Right

Romans 14-16

I believe our generation really could use a dose of Paul these days. We are always hearing about our “rights” as Americans, and about the anger that results if someone believes their rights have been denied them. We’ve become a nation of entitled people whose only concern is their personal rights.

How many government buildings no longer display the Ten Commandments or a nativity scene because some said they had a right not to see those things? What about the school that stopped displaying the American flag, or the one that no longer plays the National Anthem, because someone said they had a right not to honor this nation? We hear about a person’s “right” to health care, an education, a living wage, to make decisions about their bodies.

Off soapbox.

Paul talks about a person’s “right” to eat certain food. What about drinking alcohol, wear what they want to wear, love who they want to love? (14:13ff)

The NASB titles chapter 15, “Self-denial On Behalf Of Others.” And that’s what I think we need to hear today. Once again I am reminded that my right to do something doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t set that right aside if it will encourage someone to come to the Savior. My rights will never outweigh a person’s eternal soul. And I never want my rights to be a stumbling block to an unbeliever.

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