November 23 – Believe

Acts 15-16

It sounds like it was really hard for the Jews to accept the new way of thinking about God. Old Testament Jews memorized a long list of rules and believed God’s acceptance of them depended on their obedience of those rule. And they were right to believe that.

So when Jesus came on the scene and told them He would fulfill the Law, and that access to God now came through Him instead of the Law, that was a hard pill to swallow. Maybe that’s why they wanted to add things like circumcision to salvation. It had been ingrained upon them that they had to DO something in order to be saved.

When Paul and Silas didn’t leave the jail, even when their chains fell off, the jailer realized they had something he wanted. He asked them what he needed to do to be saved.

They answered him, “Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your whole household.” (16:31) Salvation is in the name of Jesus.

Do you believe that? Oh, there are some things you will DO after you are saved. Like we saw yesterday, faith spills out in the things we do. But don’t think you can be good enough, or giving enough, or sincere enough to be saved.

There is no other name anywhere that can save. Do you believe Jesus is Lord, the Messiah who paid for your sin debt? Is your’s a belief that caused you to humble yourself at His feet, confess your sin, and accept His grace? I pray that is so.

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